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I illustrate with various types of media. Most often I use acrylic gouache, brush pens or I go digital with Procreate or Abobe. I also design gif animations. I enjoy designing for home decor, packaging, textile industry and the world of stationery and apparel.

Hand lettering

I've always had a lot of different handwriting styles, but only in recent years, I have realised how to take advantage of that. This realization led me to develop my lettering skills much further and make it part of my work.

Surface Pattern Design

Patterns are my latest crush. I love to explore the endless possibilities that different colour palettes provide in changing the whole feel of a fabric or a product. Or how switching or moving elements in a pattern can change its rhythm. One of my favourite things about patterns is how versatile they are. You can apply them to almost anything and make it look cool.

Illustrator Jenni Ahlberg

Hi, it's me, Jenni! I don't drink milk. I illustrate, hand-letter, teach and design for living and for fun.

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Are you curious about learning new ways to express your creativity?

If you are, I would love you to come and share some creative fun with me. I teach the following classes on Skillshare:

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This is a great beginning Procreate class that is a nice, quick way to be introduced to the app. Jenni is a delightful teacher who is very clear, concise, and approachable. You can start this class and be illustrating your first Procreate creation in a little less than an hour. I even learned a couple of new tricks that I didn't know about before. Thanks Jenni!

Heather R.Instagram: @heatherrosasart

Thanks Jenni for this class! It was really helpful to see new things and your clarity of instruction made this class really enjoyable for me!

Miriam R.Instagram: @dotsandloveletters

This is one of the first classes that combines my interests in hand lettering, simple illustration, and iPad Procreate. The end project is both simple and useful, so unlike other classes where you might make something you can't use, I will actually post this on IG as a month marker.

Antoinette P.Instagram: @tinyrebelmakes

"Jenni is a great teacher and this class is a wonderful introduction into procreate for lettered and illustrated pieces you can use for social media, wallpapers, cards and so much more. The instructions and explanations are clear and easy to follow and the class has a positive vibe - you can tell Jenni is passionate about her art and teaching."

Kate S.