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GIF Sticker Project for Amanda Mary Creative

On-brand GIF stickers and GIFs are a great way to elevate any company's online marketing, catch their audience's attention, and encourage them to spend more time with their content.

So, that's what this collaboration was all about.

Illustrated GIF sticker of a trendy hat for a client.
Illustrated GIF sticker of an envelope with images and hearts coming out of it, for Amanda Mary Creative.
Illustrated and hand-lettered GIF stickers for Amanda Mary Creative.

"From her vibrant energy and contagious creativity to ensuring your project finds that perfect “goldilocks fit,” Jenni is an absolute treat to work with. Over and over again."

AmandaFounder, Amanda Mary Creative

Design Process

A sketch for a Belgian shepherd GIF sticker for Amanda Mary Creative.
GIF sticker of an illustrated cute dog and
Sketches for a Belgian shepherd GIF sticker for Amanda Mary Creative.
Amanda Mary Creative's Company Colour Palette of seven colours.

Amanda already had a beautiful aesthetic for her brand and interior photography company, so the gif design process was so very easy.

After receiving her brand board and company colour palette and having our initial meeting, I had a pretty good idea of what kind of stickers she needed. From there on, she gave me pretty much free hands to design her stickers the best way I saw fit.

I did all the sketches for each sticker in Procreate. She was happy with the initial five sticker drafts, so I went ahead and completed them and also created the rest of the set.

Here's part of the sketching process for the Belgian shepherd, that I turned into a gif.

For the lettering, I tried many different brushes and hand lettering styles, before I settled on a look that was close to the typography that she uses on her own website, but still authentic to me.

Sketches for a GIF sticker with
GIF stickers with

The Final On-Brand GIF Stickers