Case study of a chocolate packaging for Choco Company's Smooth Choco.
It's all about the

Smooth choco packaging for Choco Co.

Designing the packaging for imaginary company called Choco Co.

Did someone say chocolate?
It's all about the

On-Brand GIF Stickers for Amanda Mary Creative

This dreamy project was all about creating personalized on-brand stickers that could be used on social media and online marketing.

Let's take a closer look!
Client projects of illustrated gifs with florals and a dog, and script text slogans like 'Sneak peek', 'Behind the scenes' and 'Work in progress'.
Typography project about a quirky hand-drawn serif called Punch Needle.
It's all about the

Hand-Lettered Typeface Called Punch Needle

I have dreamed about creating my own typefaces ever since I started hand-lettering years ago. This is my third typeface and best one yet.

See the typeface


Digital hand-lettering art with the quote


Painted illustration of a vintage ice cream truck and a blue-haired customer for portfolio.

GIFS and GIF Stickers

Animated GIF sticker of a pink beer can with the text

Surface Pattern Design

Portfolio swatch of a half-drop repeating pattern of pastel, folk-art inspired florals on a navy background.