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Procreate Basics

- Let's Create Hand-Lettered Illustrations

Cover image for Procreate Basics course

In this class, you’ll learn the basics of how to use an illustration app called Procreate on an iPad. In the process, you’ll learn how to create a hand-lettered illustration that you can be used for example as a “month marker” on Instagram or as a background image on your laptop or smartphone. All the skills are applicable regardless of what you want to draw or paint on Procreate.

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Super Simple Animations in Procreate

Course cover image with hand lettered text 'Super Simple Animations in Procreate' written in blue on a white and pale pink background.

In this class, you will learn several super simple techniques for animating your illustrations or hand lettering on Procreate app on an iPad. You don’t need any previous knowledge of Procreate, and you don’t have to be a master illustrator or hand letterer. Anyone can take this class. It’s Super Simple!

We’ll also go through how to export your animations, turn them into videos and how and why you might wanna use Giphy.

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Animations here we come!

Punch Needle Basics

- How to Create a Punch Needle Project in a Swoosh?

Punch needle embroidery project with a pastel rainbow figure.

I know I may be more known for my illustrations than my handcrafts but I couldn’t resist making a class on Punch Needle because it’s so much fun and super easy to learn. You can literally learn it in one evening. And not just learn but finish your first project too.

So, please join me in my Skillshare class to create a little rainbow punch needle project (or any other design of your liking).

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Yes, I wanna punch some stuff!


“This is a great beginning Procreate class that is a nice, quick way to be introduced to the app. Jenni is a delightful teacher who is very clear, concise, and approachable. You can start this class and be illustrating your first Procreate creation in a little less than an hour. I even learned a couple of new tricks that I didn't know about before. Thanks Jenni!”

Heather R.Instagram: @heatherrosasart

“This is one of the first classes that combines my interests in hand lettering, simple illustration, and iPad Procreate. The end project is both simple and useful, so unlike other classes where you might make something you can't use, I will actually post this on IG as a month marker.”

Antoinette P.Instagram: @tinyrebelmakes

“Jenni is a great teacher and this class is a wonderful introduction into procreate for lettered and illustrated pieces you can use for social media, wallpapers, cards and so much more. The instructions and explanations are clear and easy to follow and the class has a positive and inspiring gib’s - you can tell Jenni is passionate about her art and teaching.”

Kate S.

“Thanks Jenni for this class! It was really helpful to see new things and your clarity of instruction made this class really enjoyable for me!”

Miriam R.Instagram: @dotsandloveletters