Choco Co.

The project started with a painted monstera illustration that I created as an experiment. As soon as I finished it, I couldn't get it out of my head that it should be turned into a chocolate wrapping. So, that's what I did.

This was a personal project, that I really enjoyed illustrating and designing.

The Design Process

I started with a coloured pencil sketch, which I then took to Procreate for choosing colours. Once I had decided the colours, I painted on top of the original sketch with acryla gouache. Then, I scanned it and cleaned it up in Photoshop. Next, I hand-lettered the name for the chocolate 'Smooth choco' in Procreate and transferred that into Photoshop. I created a logo for the company in Illustrator and brought that to Photoshop as well. Then I planned and designed the rest of the label for the packaging. Once the whole design was ready I placed it on a mock-up.

A Case Study: Monstera sketch for chocolate packaging.
Gouache painting of monstera plant for packaging.
A case study: Process image of Choco Co's Smooth Choco packaging.
A Case Study: Label for Choco Co's Smooth Choco chocolate packaging.
Layout for Choco Co's Smooth Choco chocolate packaging.

Please, do not copy or use my art without my written permission.