Digital Illustrations

In many of my illustrations, I choose to go for a very hand-drawn and textured feel.
I also use a lot of monoline in my work, often combining it with shapes. I really enjoy creating pieces where the shape plays the main role and the line is used merely to add details or to help the eye distinguish what's in the illustration.

Hi! Some of the illustrations are part of a series. If you are an art director or a company representative and you would like to view them all, you can request access to my entire licensing portfolio.

request access to my licensing portfolio

Brush Pen Illustrations

A card design of various fruits, like banana, apple, lemon, pear, orange and grapes, illustrated with brush pens, in a limited colour palette.

Gouache & Paint Marker Illustrations

Four Posca pen illustrations of Flowers and berries in navy, coral red, pink and white colours.

Please, do not copy or use my art without my written permission.