Gouache and Paint Marker Illustrations

If I'm not creating digitally, I tend to pick up a brush and some Holbein acryla gouache or a set of paint markers, like Posca pens, and get into the flow.

Hand-painted iIllustration of magnolias on a pale pink background.

Flowers and plants are an everlasting source of inspiration to me. Magnolias are one of my favourites. Part of my Floral Collection.
(Acryla gouache)

Gouache painting of a retro C-tape in pastel colours by Jeah Design.
Posca pen illustration of a British countryside landscape in pale blue and white colour palette.

Monochrome landscape illustrated with paint markers (Posca markers).

Illustrated asparagus on a light beige background painted with acryla gouache.

Yum, Asparagus! These green fellas are part of my Painted Veggies collection.
(Acryla gouache)

A gouache painting of a vintage radio on a pink background.

Grandpa's radio is sitting in my studio and is one of my favourite items in our house.
(Acryla gouache)

Hand-painted gouache Forget-me-nots on a beige background with the text 'Forget me not!'
Illustrated denim jacket with a text
Hand-painted iIllustration of lavender blue vintage Vespa on a light beige background.

This fun little Vespa is part of my 'Touring UK' illustration series.
(Acryla gouache)

Four Posca pen illustrations of Flowers and berries in navy, coral red, pink and white colours.

Food and florals are both close to my heart. So, this little collection took form very naturally. (Posca markers)

Cute bums in jeans, a stripy swimsuit and a bikini top painted with acryla gouache.

Random Body Parts Mini Collection.
(Acryla gouache)

Three illustrated oak leaves created with Posca pink, navy and blue Posca markers.

As a kid, I used to mix up oak and maple trees. Here's a little ode to oak leaves. (Posca markers)

Hand painted gouache peonies with 'Happy Mother's Day' greeting.
Illustrated monstera leaves on a light beige background painted with acryla gouache.
An illustration of a fox sitting under a tree painted with acryla gouache in Scandinavian folk art style.

Inspired by Scandinavian folk art.
(Acryla gouache)

Coloured pencils and crayons drawn with a coral red, pink and navy Posca paint markers.

Pencils and pens painted with Posca pens. Is that enough of alliteration? 😀

Hand-painted illustration of a vintage ice cream truck and a blue-haired customer.

This cute ice cream truck is part of my 'Touring UK' series. (Acryla gouache)

Illustration of a holly branch on a pale pink background painted with acryla gouache.
Greeting card with hand-painted orchids and text

Sweet orchids for someone special.
(Acryla gouache)

A gouache hand-lettered street sign of the Abbey Road in London.

This is part of a series of London street signs.
(Acryla gouache)

Hand-painted gouache illustrations of vegetables and herbs and text 'Eat Your Greens.'
Illustrated old double decker on a light beige background painted with acryla gouache.

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Digital Illustrations

Digital illustration of a favourite nook with a butterfly chair, monstera, round wall mirror and a sofa table.

Brush Pen Illustrations

A card design of various fruits, like banana, apple, lemon, pear, orange and grapes, illustrated with brush pens, in a limited colour palette.

Please, do not copy or use my art without my written permission.