Surface Pattern Design

My pattern inspiration comes from various sources. Sometimes I'm inspired by an illustration that I create, and I go on to turning it into a pattern for fabric, gift wrap or wallpaper. Other times, I come up with an idea for a pattern and then start planning for the motifs and colour palette.

A repeating surface pattern of double deckers, vespas and vintage ice cream trucks painted with red, blue and pale blue acryla gouache.
A repeating surface pattern with cute postage stamps illustrated in navy, coral, blush and blue colors.
Surface pattern design with mainly pastel vintage suitcases and a globe.
Surface pattern design with black and white vintage suitcases.
Portfolio swatch of a half-drop repeating pattern of pastel, folk-art inspired florals on a navy background.
A repeating surface pattern with fruit illustrated with orange, beige and lilac brush pens.
Surface pattern design of tiny ochre stars on a pale pink background.

This a coordinate from the "Ho ho ho Santa" collection.

A repeating surface pattern with Licuana leaves illustrated with green brush pens.
Surface pattern design of a herb garden
Illustrated fruit patter with apples, pears, oranges and strawberries.
Surface pattern design of tiny ochre stars and white

Please, do not copy or use my art without my written permission.


Painted illustration of a vintage ice cream truck and a blue-haired customer for portfolio.


Digital hand-lettering art with the quote

GIFs and GIF Stickers

Animated GIF sticker of a pink beer can with the text


Case study of a chocolate packaging for Choco Company's Smooth Choco.