Surface Pattern Design

Here's a small selection of some of my repeat pattern designs. You can find all of my designs on the Patternfield app, which is free to use for anyone who works as a buyer, art director or the like in the industry. All you need to do is register as a user at Patternfield and you can view thousands of designs from various designers.

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A floral two-way repeat pattern of hand-drawn tulips coloured in pastel pink, apricot crush, digital lavender and dusted grape.
A a dark repeat pattern with two white hand-drawn doves in a circle with pine branches and pine cones.
A repeat pattern of delicate intertwined leaves painted in pale pink, pale blue and cream acryla gouache on an elemental blue background.
A repeat pattern of ivory white coral-like interconnected shapes on a elemental blue background.
Hawaii-inspired repeating pattern with whimsical flowers and tropical leaves scattered around. Flowers and leaves are coloured in digital lavender, apricot crush and purple and placed on a daisy white background.
Repeat pattern of forest animals like foxes, bunnies, squirrels and little birds hand-drawn in muted pastel colours on a cream white background.
Repeat pattern of delicate gouache leaves in lavender blue, ochre, cream and pastel pink on a elemental blue background.
A block-printing inspired repeat pattern with wonky rectangles, circles, arches and squares coloured in hot pink, cream and bright orange on a pink background.
A repeating surface pattern of double deckers, vespas and vintage ice cream trucks painted with red, blue and pale blue acryla gouache.
A tossed repeat pattern of pastel pink and navy blue grapefruit halves painted with acryla gouache placed on an elemental blue background with some pale pink, ash blue and misty blue leaves.
Portfolio swatch of a half-drop repeating pattern of pastel, folk-art inspired florals on a navy background.
A dense repeat pattern with hand-drawn pears, oranges, grapes, bananas, lemons and avocados created with brush pens in orange, apricot crush, misty blue, digital lavender and sand colors.
Illustrated fruit patter with apples, pears, oranges and strawberries.
Digitally hand-drawn flat apples and apple halves in a two-way repeat pattern. Motifs are created in apricot crush, chalk, mellow peach and ochre yellow colours on a cream white background.
Repeat pattern of ring seals called 'Norppa'. The seals are coloured in cream white, fondant pink and apricot crush and placed on an elemental blue background with small filler elements.
Repeat half-drop pattern of three cyber lime and chalk coloured flowers surrounded by a floral ornamental vine.
A green tossed repeat pattern with tropical licuana leaves layered on top of each other.
A repeating surface pattern with cute postage stamps illustrated in navy, coral, blush and blue colors.
A repeating surface pattern design of illustrated herbs like basil, chives, mint, coriander and dill. Coloured in pastels and ochre.
Repeating pattern of Santa Claus, pink and ochre stars and white 'Ho ho ho' text on a pale rose background.

Please, do not copy or use my art without my written permission.


Painted illustration of a vintage ice cream truck and a blue-haired customer for portfolio.


Digital hand-lettering art with the quote

GIFs and GIF Stickers

Animated GIF sticker of a pink beer can with the text

Client Work

Case study of a chocolate packaging for Choco Company's Smooth Choco.