Hand-painted iIllustration of magnolias on a pale pink background.
Hand-painted illustration of a vintage ice cream truck and a blue-haired customer.
Four Posca pen illustrations of Flowers and berries in navy, coral red, pink and white colours.
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Gouache and Paint Marker Illustrations

Acryla gouache is an amazing medium that gives paintings an opaque and matt finish, but it also has a textured quality. The same is true for Posca pens and paint markers.

Both media lend themselves wonderfully to creating illustrations and patterns.

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Digital Illustrations

Digitally, I tend to draw in two slightly different styles. I either go for a more textured and scratchy pencil-like look or for a combination of shapes & clean lines, which gives illustrations a smoother and cleaner look.

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Digital illustration of a bottle of lemon joule and a glass of lemonade.
Digital illustration of a favourite nook with a butterfly chair, monstera, round wall mirror and a sofa table.
Fruito collection of four illustrations of different fruit, like oranges, pears, apples and lemons.
A drawing of
A card design of various fruits, like banana, apple, lemon, pear, orange and grapes, illustrated with brush pens, in a limited colour palette.
Brush pen illustration of
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Brush Pen Illustrations

Brush pens and markers create fascinating stripy textures and give an authentic handmade feel to illustrations. Those qualities, together with a natural playful vibe of the brush pens, help any image stand out in the current illustration scene. I’m betting that brush pens will be the new black.

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Digital hand-lettering art with the quote

GIFs and GIF Stickers

Animated GIF sticker of a pink beer can with the text

Client Work

Case study of a chocolate packaging for Choco Company's Smooth Choco.

Surface Pattern Design

Portfolio swatch of a half-drop repeating pattern of pastel, folk-art inspired florals on a navy background.